A beautiful Sorrento Villa overlooking the sea

January 16, 2020

The Gulf of Naples, Mt Vesuvius in the background: the scenery is enviable, done just for young day. A villa is an ideal choice for those who want an elegant and exclusive reception, an oasis of tranquility and privacy, a stone’s throw from Sorrento city center!

The structure offers two splendid panoramic terraces: the white terrace is perfect for symbolic or Protestant ceremonies (with either symbolic or civil value) and for aperitifs, while the red terrace hosts dinner and after dinner. Music is allowed until 23.30.

The villa is reserved exclusively for one event and can accommodate up to 120 people. In case of bad weather, the red terrace is completely covered and there is also an internal panoramic lounge, therefore roof rental won’t be necessary.

A courtesy room is available for the newlyweds, to cool off and leave any personal effects and belongings.
The villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden and citrus trees, ideal for a few shots. Further, it has an evocative private descent to the sea, with stairs carved into the rock.

It is located near Sorrento city center and easily accessible from the main hotels. It is about 5 minutes by car, 10 minutes on foot. Features a few parking lots, you can easily get there by car or minivan.
The location, available until 00.30, has a cost for exclusive rent, in addition to the cost of the menu.


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