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From start to finish, we’re here to handle every aspect of your Italian destination wedding. Our dedicated team offers full -service assistance, from venue selection and vendor coordination to personalized travel arrangements for you and your guests. Let us alleviate the stress of planning, allowing you to focus on cherishing every moment of your special day in beautiful Italy. Experience unparalleled support and expertise with our all-inclusive wedding planning services.

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The details will last forever.

As a general rule, there is no formula or perfect combination for every occasion.
Each event is like a work of bespoke dressmaking, hand-sewn and tailor-made for those who commission it; they will decide the cut, the style, the colors. As a consequence, my work is not mere precision and outstanding organizational skills, but above all lots of listening and creativity.

Paperwork Assistance

We will help you produce all the necessary documents to carry out your wedding in Italy. We will contact the civil and religious representatives; we’ll deal with the translation of the documents and the localization to the local prefectures. 
Further, if you are thinking of a romantic love escape, we can also find witnesses for you.

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Happy Brides will help you find accommodation for both newlyweds and guests.
It could be a luxury hotel in Sorrento or on the Amalfi Coast, an intimate private villa or the welcoming atmosphere of a B&B. When planning a wedding in Italy, one of the biggest expenses for your guests will likely be a hotel room. Listing a range of lodging options with your invitation is a very useful addition and gives people time to get ready.

Concierge Services

Our dedicated team specializes in curating bespoke experiences while ensuring every logistical detail of your trip and vacation is seamlessly handled.
From coordinating travel arrangements for you and your guests to recommending and booking accommodations, activities, and dining options, we are committed to crafting a stress-free and luxurious experience.

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Beauty and Attire

A Happy Bride will look perfect and relaxed on her wedding day! 
We work with hair and make-up professionals to ensure the most perfect look for a beautiful bride to be. We schedule advance trial sessions so that make-up and hairstyle will be refined and adjusted to your specifications. 
We can provide top class beauty services to satisfy even the most demanding brides.

Photo and Video

Our wedding photographers are top professionals and very experienced. They are masters of both traditional posed wedding photography as well as the photojournalistic style. We always suggest a mixture of both styles: this will ensure the best of both worlds, beautiful traditional photography and special candid moments, spontaneity and emotion of the day perfectly captured.

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Wedding table decor monastero Santa rosa Amalfi
Flower and Decor

We only work with talented floral designers providing a top-quality service, professionals, experts in creating memorable and stylish decorations.
You have only to think about the style, theme and color palette… everything else will be carefully planned and organized by us. Your dream bouquet can be created by our expert professional florists – a wide range of flowers, shapes and colors is available.


Whether yours will be a civil, religious or symbolic wedding, music is the key to creating a magical atmosphere for both ceremony and reception.
The options are truly endless. A very typical musical entertainment is an ensemble of guitar and mandolin. 
The mandolin is one of the best instruments in the Neapolitan tradition. Its sound is very sweet and delicate, the perfect choice for background music.  
If you are looking for a livelier entertainment, a jazz or a pop band will be the ticket.

wedding cakes and flavours
Cake and Favors​

The wedding cake is a focal point of your big day. 

The traditional shape is either round or square but a creative baker can create a special one just for you! 
All you need is dream of your wedding cake and we will design it. Favors are one of the things you cannot miss when planning your wedding in Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast! 
A nice bottle of “Limoncello” or a small local ceramic work will give a special touch to your reception.


One of the key moments of any wedding is the arrival of the bride. That’s why we can offer a wide variety of options for your transportation. A horse-drawn carriage for a very romantic wedding, a beautiful vintage car such as Alfa Romeos, Rolls Royce or Bentley, a typical Italian wooden boat, or a luxury car, e.g. Mercedes or BMW to add elegance to your wedding… For an added elegant effect, the car decoration will be coordinated with your flowers and the general color palette of your wedding!

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