This is why I think it is very important to clear all doubts that can somehow hinder a peaceful planning. I will answer the most frequent questions I am asked, and do not hesitate to contact me for any further clarification.

Dreaming of your wedding is exciting, yet demanding.

  • What exactly is the civil ceremony?

    The civil ceremony consists in reading out loud some articles of the civil code and joining the spouses together in marriage.
    It is celebrated in Italian language by a registrar and is translated into the language of the spouses by an interpreter – whose presence is mandatory.

  • What are the spouses supposed to say during the civil ceremony?

    The spouses will just have to say “I do”!

  • How long does a civil ceremony last?

    The civil ceremony is generally very short, about 20 minutes – the time to read a few articles of the civil code and the declaration of marriage.
    We recommend adding some other reading or the exchange of vows to make it more personal.

  • Are tips required or anyhow mandatory in Italy?

    Unlike other countries, tips in Italy are not mandatory and are not established in a precise percentage over the service cost.
    However, most service providers are very happy to receive a tip, which is considered a sign of customer satisfaction.

    In most cases, tips cannot be added to the account, but in cash.

  • What is VAT and how much is it?

    VAT is a value added tax – mandatory for all goods and services in Italy. Depending on the service or product, it can vary from 10% to 22% of the total amount.
    Sometimes, the prices are expressed inclusive of VAT, sometimes they aren’t.
    We always recommend making sure that prices include VAT, to avoid unpleasant surprises after confirming a service. For this reason we always assist you in selecting and reserving suppliers.

  • Do you offer partial assistance or coordination only on the wedding day?

    No. we only offer assistance for the total management of the event.
    the only way we plan to assist you is by being with you at all times, from the planning to the very end; we are always by your side for any request or doubt; we select and manage suppliers directly; we plan every detail; we share ideas and suggestions.
    That’s the only way we can be sure to respect your vision, satisfy (and exceed) your expectations and ensure a perfect performance throughout the event.

  • Do you only work with some preferred suppliers and locations?

    No! we are always looking for new corners of paradise to propose and we are open to new collaborations that reflect our quality standards.

  • How many days prior to the wedding do we have to be in Italy?

    This varies greatly depending on the rite and the place you chose to get married.
    For both civil and religious rites, a meeting with the registrar or priest is generally scheduled 2 or 3 days prior.
    Depending on your nationality, then, you may have to produce certificates in Italy.
    Therefore, we suggest 3 or 4 days before the wedding, at least.


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