A touching symbolic ceremony that celebrates your love.

Italy is a perfect setting for a ceremony celebrating an anniversary, a union or simply an exchange of promises.
The rite of renewal of promises is a touching symbolic ceremony, where your wedding vows are reaffirmed. Since it is a mere symbolic ceremony, it can take place anywhere: a garden, a villa, a terrace with sea views, a vineyard, a museum, a boat, just to mention a few inspirations.

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Vow Renewal

It could be an intimate and romantic ceremony for only two people as well as an opportunity to bring the whole family together!

A journey called love.

Very often the renewal of vows is part of a journey to celebrate the anniversary.
Happy Brides will be happy to organize all the details of the ceremony and can assist in organizing experiences and activities during the trip. You can celebrate a renewal of vows in a Catholic church only if the marriage was Catholic. In this case, the officiant will be a priest and some documents proving your wedding in a church will be required.

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