Countryside romance or classic elegance? A Tuscany wedding has it all!

No place in Italy has so many wonderful locations like Tuscany.

If you are looking for a country side vibe, almost every hilltop is crownded with a picture-perfect village or villa. Dreamy, mellow hills, ancient castles or cozy villages are just perfect for an intimate wedding. Most villas offer accommodation on site, so they are the perfect solution if you want to have a relaxed few days with your dear ones. Tuscany’s rich artistic and cultural heritage offers stunning options if you are looking for lavish, Renaissance grandeur.

A castle or palace wedding in one of Tuscany’s top art cities like Florence is a dream come true!

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A wedding in Tuscany is synonimous with fairytale and romance.

Think about rolling hills of vineyards & sunflowers, rustic villas spoiling your guests with platters of prosciutto, cheese, olives & crusty bread… it is easy to create a Tuscany wedding celebration which is magical and elegant. Tuscany idyllic backdrops and old-world charm combined with the warmth of its hospitality and the generosity of its people, offer a feast for all the senses.

If you imagine a romantic wedding ceremony in the countryside, many private villas and estates can celebrate civil ceremonies on their property. Otherwise, if you want to avoid all the paperwork, you can opt for a sweet symbolic ceremony.

Why you should choose to get married in Tuscany

In terms of activities, Tuscany offers so many options! If you are looking at spending some great time with your friends and family, a countryside resort is the perfect choice for you. Intimate al fresco dining in the privacy of your villa among the hills, pool party with friends, barbecue or picnic in the woods are only some of the pleasant activities that can complement your Tuscany wedding. If you want to explore the surroundings, Tuscany is just full of stunning art, romantic cities, little medieval villages. Ancient festivals create a mix of colors, scents and sounds that are irresistible. Last but not least… the best food and wine is here! Budget wise, Tuscany offers such a big variety of choices that it remains one of the most competitively priced areas for an Italy wedding.

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