The timeless charm of a sacred bond.

Catholic weddings in Italy have a very heartfelt sacredness, and for this reason numerous documents are requested from the parish of origin of the spouses, to be scrutinized by the Italian bishop and priest.
Happy Brides will guide you in this preliminary phase and will translate all the documents for you, whether it is a mixed marriage or a Catholic wedding with a civil ceremony, too. The Amalfi Coast offers the possibility of a Catholic wedding even to those who are not residents, making the wedding day unique with natural settings and dream architecture.

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Catholic Ceremonies

A Catholic wedding in the Church has a timeless charm, especially in Italy, the cradle of art and architecture.

An imposing cathedral or a delightful country church, your 'I do' will be unforgettable.

The superb church of Santa Maria Assunta is located right in the heart of Positano, a few steps from the beach, and combines the sober charm of the interiors with the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The Duomo is located in the downtown pedestrian center and can only be reached on foot.

The Amalfi Cathedral dates back to the 12th century. It is the ideal choice for a fairytale ceremony. It will feel like a dream walking the long and majestic steps.

In Ravello, the Cathedral dates back to the 11th century with its beautiful bell tower – a real classy choice. Located in the main square of Ravello, from Ravello you can easily walk down to some of the most evocative locations on the coast for the reception.
Catholic ceremonies between non-residents are not allowed in both Sorrento and Capri. In these locations you can opt for either a civil or a symbolic ceremony.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta Positano
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