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A symbolic ceremony gives you a lot of flexibility regarding the format of the ceremony as well as the place. In fact, you can decide how lengthy it is going to be, whether you like longer or shorter vows. It can be enriched with poems and/or readings, songs, or even customized with whatever you might want to add. 

Our professional celebrants will guide the newlyweds with a series of proposals and inspirations that best suit your style.
 Furthermore, to make the ceremony even more personalized, the celebrant can be a relative or a friend. The ceremony will be perfectly responsive to the wishes of the spouses and in the end, a beautiful symbolic marriage certificate will be issued, without legal value.

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Symbolic Wedding

The symbolic ceremony is a perfect choice for those who want a romantic celebration free from bureaucratic constraints.

A bespoke ceremony, just as you like it.

There are many places for a symbolic wedding: a terrace with breathtaking views of the sea, a lush garden, a luxury hotel, a cliff by the sea. The ceremony can be celebrated in the same location where the reception will be held, thus creating a relaxed atmosphere and a smooth course of the event.
Generally, the symbolic ceremony follows a civil marriage already carried out in your own country.
For a perfect outcome of the ceremony, we recommend inviting guests not to use telephones or other devices to photograph the bride and groom and focus on the intensity of the moment.

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