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We plan beautifully executed celebrations in Italy, for couples who value personal connections and cherish lifelong memories. Our mission is to guide couples from around the world in discovering the beauty of Italy and celebrating their love in a discreetly luxurious and personalized manner. We bring your dreams to life, crafting an event that reflects your priorities, seamlessly organized to appear naturally simple.

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Explore Italy's Stunning Backdrops for Your Dream Wedding

Italy’s diverse and enchanting landscapes offer the ideal backdrop for any event you envision.
Whether you dream of a romantic countryside villa, a glamorous coastal resort, or a historic cityscape, we’ll help you find the perfect venue that reflects your unique vision.

Everything you can think of, we take care of it!

At Happy Brides, we’re here for you every step of the way. From planning your dream wedding to coordinating related events and taking care of every aspect of your trip to Italy, we ensure a stress-free and unforgettable experience.

Celebrate your love

Whether you’re envisioning an intimate symbolic ceremony, a Catholic wedding in a beautiful Italian church, civil, or other religious ceremony, we assist you in creating a tailor-made experience and navigating any administrative procedures.
Simply focus on living in the moment; we’ll handle the rest.

Planning an impeccable destination wedding in Italy. Check all details, even the smallest, many times.

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Planning a perfect wedding in Italy
Whichever form your love might take, what counts is the content.
FAQ: Your questions answered

Planning a wedding from across the globe brings forth countless questions. No inquiry is too small, and while we’ve listed some of the most frequent ones, we’re always available to address even the slightest concern.


Explore the latest trends, inspiration, real weddings and tips for planning your exquisite wedding in Italy. From stunning venues and décor ideas to unique Italian experiences, our blog is your go to resource for creating an exceptional celebration.

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