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Samira and Mazy: romantic symbolic ceremony in Sorrento.

For Samira and Mazy’s symbolic wedding in Sorrento we did something really special. Every detail contributed to making their wedding day memorable. The bride and groom got ready in a luxury resort just outside Sorrento.

The symbolic ceremony took place in an evocative private villa with breathtaking sea views, Mt Vesuvius and the bay of Sorrento on the background. The day was perfect.

All guests were given personalized small umbrellas and fans to protect themselves from the sun and the heat, and personalized handkerchiefs for the tears of joy…
Further, we created handcrafted and personalized limoncello bottles as placeholders.
The floral decorations had to reflect the cheerful and sparkling personality of the spouses: lively colors were chosen, intense pink, fuchsia combined with blue and golden, the effect was elegant and very special!

The cocktail was cheered by the notes of guitar and mandolin, typical in the Neapolitan tradition, while after dinner we went wild with DJ music.

Sorrento’s teeming historic center with its colors and buildings and the delightful seaside village of Marina Grande served as the backdrop for the photo shoot, forever capturing the unrepeatable emotion of a truly special day.

the symbolic wedding best moments

This symbolic wedding in Sorrento was truly a real-life fairy tale!