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Symbolic ceremony ideas

Blessing in Sorrento, Wedding Capri, Wedding Amalfi Coast.

A symbolic ceremony is a perfect choice if you want to have a romantic wedding without the stress of all the legal paperwork.

Sorrento & Amalfi Coast are perfect locations for Symbolic weddings (not legally binding)

Capri-wedding-symbolic-ceremony-on a roof top luxury hotel terrace

Capri wedding. symbolic ceremony on a roof top luxury hotel terrace

These wedding ceremonies typically occur after a couple has already had a civil wedding elsewhere and can be personalized by you in such a way that reflect completely your desires and values.

Symbolic ceremonies can be performed in the most spectacular settings and you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork!The Blessing can be performed by a pastor, an Italian officer or a family member…and you can include personal vows, favourite songs, poetry, religious elements or pagan rituals.