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Happy Brides is the perfect wedding planner if you are looking for a wedding in Amalfi.

Amalfi is the oldest of the four Maritime Republics in Italy and still has all its ancient charm. It is a unique location for your Italian wedding with its Moorish allure and wide sea views. The central Duomo built on the 10 th century is one of the most impressive Catholic churches of the Amalfi Coast.I f you are dreaming of marrying in one of Italy’s most enchanting coastal towns, Amalfi will fulfil your wishes.

Amalfi offers many other attractions, such as ¬†wonerful excursions and exquisite local cuisine. Try the best Limoncello and the renowned ricotta and pears cake by award winning pastry chef Sal de Riso… It is possible to have catholic legally binding ceremonies, which generally take place in the stunning “duomo di Amalfi” .

Amalfi, together with Positano, offers breathtaking views and stunning settings for a very romantic wedding in Italy. You can choose among several locations, ranging from the luxury five star hotel to the private villa.


bride and groom strolling by the sea in amalfi